Saturday, January 5, 2013


January 5, 2013.  32 degrees and sunny.  Some ice on the sidewalks leftover from last week’s storm. 

Our Avondale run started in the parking lot of the Avondale Town Center, where we parked in front of Deveroes and Citi Trends and snapped a quick pic in front of the BK.  This BK holds a special place in my heart because it was only about 5 minutes from our previous apartment in O’Bryonville and satisfied many cravings for BK Veggie Burgers and Large Diet Cokes.  One time I came home from the BK without anything for Donnie—I swear I had tried to call him but he didn’t answer his phone—and he said in his best Kayla voice, “Hmm… what should I order?  Anything for Donnie?  Would he like a Whopper?  Nah, I’ll just get a Bucket O’Diet Coke!”

But I digress.

We ran down Reading Road until we came to a gorgeous apartment building called “The President”.  “The President” is a turn-of-the century brick building that has been recently renovated to include a garden patio, modern metal awnings, and a crescent-shaped sign with the building’s name.  It looks like an upmarket Chicago condo building and I assumed that the property would attract upper-middle class young professionals working for Children’s Hospital.  When I got home it was the first thing I Googled.  I was delighted to see that this is a Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority Senior building. 

Off Reading, we turned on North Fred Shuttlesworth Circle.  The Greater New Light Baptist Church, founded by Reverend Shuttlesworth himself, is a striking star-shaped building. 

Next, we took a bit of a wrong turn but as we were running up Harvey Avenue, we were thrilled to run up on the talented Lisa Marie Watkins, who was enjoying a morning walk, earbuds blasting. We yelled, “Hey Lisa!  Run 52!” and stopped to chat for a few minutes and snap a photo.  Yes, I’m standing on my tiptoes in this shot because Lisa is a normal height and I am not.  And I didn’t notice the empty Bud Light box until we got home and looked at our photos. 

Running into Lisa made me feel like this project had already become everything I hoped it would be—it felt like pure joy to run into a friend who lately I have only seen after weeks of planning and coordinating schedules.  Could this get any better? 

Another highlight was Fleischmann Gardens—four acres tucked behind rod iron gates.

We ran back and forth on the cobblestone path through the bright green Ginko trees:

And then entertained ourselves in the snow-covered Evergreen Maze:

What can I say about Fleischmann Gardens except that it is a perfect treasure? Unique.  A gem.  A jewel.  All of the clichés.  Just go and see it!

We finished our run uphill, pushing the pace a little bit.  I was too winded to think about ordering anything from BK, but regretted this oversight 30 minutes later.


“Run Forest” Count: 1
Vicious-Looking Dog Count: 2
People-We-Know Count: 1

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  1. This is awesome! We live on Rose Hill in North Avondale, can't wait until you run through!